Success is not measured by the goals in your life, but by the life in your goals!™


Ann Welch, M.Ed., is a talented and versatile educator and coach who enjoys working with learners of all ages in developing vital skills for realizing their dreams and achieving success in life. Throughout her extensive career in education, Ann has guided learners in developing and cultivating self-motivation, growth mindsets, and a better understanding of who they are as learners.

Ann is also passionate about working with educators and provides professional development services on a wide range of topics. Through professional development and mentoring teachers, Ann promotes a growth mindset, resilience and essential 21st century skills in learning communities.

Through coaching, consulting, workshops, speaking engagements, and online classes, Ann provides engaging and personalized instruction for developing goal-setting skills as well as fostering resilience and grit. Having worked with kids, teens, and adults, in and out of special education, Ann is adept at teaching the 21st-century skills necessary for ALL learners to pursue their dreams!

My Vision

To give teens and young adults the skills, strategies, and encouragement to make their dreams come true.

My Mission

To support the development of essential skills, mindsets, and habits in teens and young adults to identify, express, pursue and achieve their dreams!

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