Dreamer to Achiever 

9 Weeks, Starting October 10, 2023

Dreamer to Achiever is an empowering and transformative course designed to help individuals unlock their potential and turn their dreams into tangible realities. Serving as a comprehensive foundation for personal growth and success, this course explores the art of goal-setting and provides you with invaluable insights and practical activities on how to identify and pursue your dreams.

Throughout the course, you will be guided through various modules that systematically break down the process of dream realization. From understanding the power of dreams and core values to crafting actionable strategies and cultivating the resilience required to overcome obstacles, this course will equip you with the tools and mindset necessary to reach new heights.

The course includes:

  • An individual half-hour live (Zoom) consultation.
  • Weekly live (Zoom) classes (Monday afternoons).
  • “Office hours” on Fridays.

Week 1 : Dream

Do you know what your dreams are? Do you know where to start?

Featured Topics: Self-awareness, Vision, Core Values, Motivation.


Week 2 : Goals

Featured Topics: Goals, Goal Setting Strategies and Techniques, Clear Objectives

Week 3 : Growth Mindset and Data

Featured Topics: Growth Mindset, Resilience, Personal Growth

Week 4 : Progress

Featured Topics: Tracking Progress, Motivation, Success Indicators 

Week 5 : Road Blocks

Featured Topics: Roadblocks, Challenges, Preparation, Planning for Success, Resilience

Week 6 : Emotions, Actions, & Thoughts

Featured Topics: Emotions/Thoughts/Actions Connection,  Self-awareness, Positive Thinking, Managing Emotions

Week 7 : Thinking Traps

Featured Topics: Thinking Traps, Thinking Patterns, Strategies, Reality Check, Reframing Thoughts, Mindset


Week 8 : Reflection and Recalibration

Featured Topics, Iterative Process, Effective Reflection, Self-assessment, Adaptability, Flexibility

Week 9 : Celebration

We often forget to celebrate our achievements, big or small. In this final week, we will emphasize the importance of acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments along the way. We will learn how celebration can boost motivation and self-esteem. We will engage in various activities to commemorate our journey and recognize our growth, leaving us with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Ann Welch


Ann Welch, M.Ed., is a talented and versatile success coach, content creator, and educator who enjoys working with teens and adults to develop vital skills for realizing their dreams and achieving success. Throughout her extensive career in education, Ann has guided learners in developing and cultivating self-motivation, growth mindsets, and a better understanding of how to achieve their dreams!

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