Educators, Schools, and Districts

Professional Development

I will create and implement professional development activities for school staff, designed to strengthen their understanding of core concepts, mindsets, and best practices that support the school’s mission


  • Goal Setting
  • Growth Mindset
  • Education and the Teenage Brain
  • Mindfulness in the classroom
  • Engaging Struggling Learners
  • Fostering Self-Advocacy
  • Student Led Conferencing
  • Project Based Learning
  • Creating Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Strategies for empowering students in their own education
  • Rubric Development
  • Competencies and Cross Curricular Instruction
  • Classroom Management


→ It is widely accepted that teacher mentoring is critical for teacher growth. However, there are a wide variety of conceptions for the role of teacher mentors. In this proposal I will outline several possibilities. However, through discussion we can alter or enhance any of these models.

→ One model would be the “as needed” model, where the teacher calls upon the mentor only when needed. While there are benefits to this model, including cost, I believe that is that it is the least effective of all the models.

→ Another model would involve formal monthly sessions with support as needed.

→ A third model would involve formal sessions twice a month, goal setting and progress monitoring, and classroom observations. 

→ Through structured mentoring, I help educators set, work on, and achieve professional goals in order to strengthen their professional skills, problem-solve, increase  in order to I help educators and school staff grow in their craft through self-reflection, support in implementing research-based practices, and fostering mindsets that support the school’s mission.

Curriculum Development

I am adept at meeting a wide range of curriculum needs from creating curriculum, aligning curriculum with state and national standards, finding resources to meet curricular needs, and creating Extended Learning Opportunities (alternative learning opportunities).

Curriculum Assessment

I am adept at making sure curriculum documents meet state and national requirements. I have helped a school pass the approval process with zero findings of nine compliance 2 times in a row.


NH Licenses:

  • Curriculum Administrator
  • General Special Education K-12
  • Elementary Education
  • Level I Google Educator Certification

I have been providing professional development to educators for more than 12 years. Topics have included curriculum development, best practices in instruction, classroom management, mindfulness, goal setting, and resilience.

Curriculum & Instruction Specialist- Wediko School, Windsor, NH 2008-2020

  • Create/maintain curriculum documents: Curriculum Guide, Program of Studies, Course Syllabi.
  • Supervise and provide professional development for teachers.
  • Administer state, formal, and informal assessments.
  • Present academic and social progress in team meetings.
  • Teach middle and high school classes.
  • Participated in multiple school approval processes, including case presentation and document preparation. Earned zero findings of non-compliance for most recent 2 approvals.

Adjunct Faculty- Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH 2016-2018

  • Teach graduate level education courses:
    • Advanced Behavior Management
    • Primary Literacy
    • Special Education Law