The Importance of the Goal Setting Process

6 week course   (Parents and Caregivers)

Employers have identified self-management as a fundamental competency necessary for success. Self-awareness and goal setting are key components.

Join me for an online course where I will give you tools and techniques to Identify and create goals with your child(ren). In addition you will learn how to establish structures for monitoring progress, revising goals and for what to do when goals are completed.

Children ages 10 and older are welcome to participate with their caretaker/parent.

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Welcome to Goal Setting for Success

Here’s why you’ll love Goal Setting for Success online course.

Personalized to meet your needs

In this course you will learn how to establish, teach and monitor progress for goals that are specific to you and your child. You will also receive personalized consultation and support to help you achieve your goal.

You choose your time commitment

The course lasts 6 weeks. During that time you decide how much time you can devote to the class. Each week there will be a short video to watch and activities for “homework”. You also will be part of an online community where you can share ideas and questions. I will be available each week for live Q&A’s. Your time commitment is up to you.

Effective tools

During this course, I will provide you with effective tools for setting goals, teaching skills, and monitoring progress. You will also have access to 2 half-hour 1:1 consulting sessions with me. You will end the course with the tools and skills to continue supporting your child(ren) in their goal setting!

One of the many reasons to take this course

This course could have a strong positive influence on your child’s life, by teaching and strengthening the following skills:

goal identification
goal setting
writing goals in measurable terms
self-monitoring and self-assessment

Growth Mindset!
Key aspect of motivation


In Goal Setting for Success, you will learn how to foster and support a “growth mindset” in your child(ren). Growth mindsets enable children to learn from mistakes and develop self-motivation and confidence.

How can I help?
Support and encouragement

Join my course for multiple tiers of support:

  1. Exclusive 1:1 support through 2 consultations. One consult will take place at the beginning of the course to help individualize course content for your specific situation. The second consult will occur at the end of the course, to provide you with a plan for moving forward.
  2. Weekly live Q&A’s as well as weekly online check ins.
  3. Peer support through an online community.
  4. Resources tailored to your specific goals.



In Goal Setting for Success, you will learn how to foster and support a “growth mindset” in your child(ren). Growth mindsets enable children to learn from mistakes and develop self-motivation and confidence.


This may seem a bit dry, but for those of you who are wondering why I believe I can help you, here are some my qualifications: I have a Masters of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction for New England College and a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Anna Maria College. I am licensed in Elementary Education and General Special Education in New Hampshire. I have worked in a wide variety of teaching and educational leadership roles including Teacher; Curriculum and Instruction Specialist (Grades 5-12); Title I Teacher, Teaching Principal, Adjunct Instructor in the Masters of Education program at Franklin Pierce University. Currently, I continue to work part time as a Curriculum and Instruction Specialist at The Wediko School, a special education school adolescent boys, where I also provide professional development and support to teachers. This is in addition to my new career as an entrepreneur, establishing myself as an Educational Consultant for the company I own and run, Personalized Educational Pathways, LLC.

In addition, my most important work has been that of wife and parent. I have two boys who have followed very different paths, and recently I became blessed with four adult stepsons. My children have attended public, private, and home-school settings.

I have many interests which enrich my life:
* I am an avid science fiction fan, enjoying authors such as Orson Scott Card.
* Music is very important to me. I play several instruments including French horn, trumpet, hand drum, guitar, piano and Native American Flute.
* I also enjoy nature photography, and have recently had the honor of taking my niece’s high school graduation pictures and my sister-in-law’s wedding pictures.


Ann Welch, M.Ed.

Owner/Educational Consultant Personalized Educational Pathways, LLC

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