Dreamer to Achiever: Teen Transitions

Guiding Career and Education Choices

This month-long course is compassionately designed for parents and caregivers who want to walk with their teens in support and empowerment for making these major decisions.


Guiding Career and Education Courses

Join me for my four-week beta course designed to help you guide and support your teen with major decisions around choosing a career and/or continuing education.

These choices can seem daunting to many teenagers and can fill their last years of high school with pressure and stress. Let me help you encourage, support, and empower your teen while strengthening your relationship with them in the process.


From the Basics to the Finer Details

Ann Welch, M.Ed., is a talented and versatile educator who enjoys working with learners of all ages in developing vital skills for realizing their dreams and achieving success in life. Throughout her extensive career in education, Ann has guided learners in developing and cultivating self-motivation, growth mindsets, and a better understanding of who they are as learners.

My Vision

To inspire, encourage, and support young learners and dreamers in their journey to achieve and grow!

My Mission

To support the development of essential skills, mindsets, and habits in teens and young adults to identify, express, pursue and achieve their dreams!

Easy Access

This course is available online. Each class takes place on Zoom and will be recorded. You will have a full year of access to the instruction.

Supplemental Resources

Course materials include a digital workbook and a digital book of activities to share with your teen.

Personalized Instruction

You will have ample opportunities to ask questions and receive personalized recommendations specific to your teen.


Office Hours

Office hours will be provided with day and evening times available each week. These will not be recorded, allowing you to dig deeper into your own goals for the course.

 Join us for our next 2023 class!


  • Self-reflection
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Problem-solving Methods
  • Goal Setting and Evaluation


Grow with your teen as you guide, encourage, and empower them in their decision-making.


Inspire a sense of hope and anticipation in your teen for all that their future may hold. Inspire your teen to follow their dream.

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