Can’t decide what to do next? President Eisenhower can help! Eisenhower’s approach to leadership, organization, and prioritization has been developed into a tool called the Eisenhower Matrix. If you conduct a Google search on the matrix, you will find a variety of ways to use this time management aid. Basically, it helps you prioritize tasks by importance and urgency.

In a recent blog, I wrote about shifting my mindset from a belief that I am always busy to a belief that I can make great decisions about my time. My next step was organizing my tasks with the matrix. The “urgent” column seemed easy enough to navigate, but then I recognized my next mindset roadblock: Everything is important.

I tackled this mindset by realizing that certain tasks move me closer to my dreams than others. I began to think about how to evaluate their importance this way. I wrote down the goals in my life that are most important to me, and then separated career goals from life goals. Finally, looking at task importance in terms of my dreams gave me the framework to prioritize effectively.

When working with teens, it becomes clear the important role that self-awareness plays in time management. Knowing what our roadblock mindsets and limiting beliefs are can help us reorganize our thinking. Knowing what our dreams enables us to focus on the best path to achieving our dreams. If President Eisenhower were alive today, I wonder what he would say about our use of his strategy.

What are your dreams? What directions does your teen want to go in? Will prioritizing help? Write to me about your thoughts, questions, and ideas.

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