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from Ann Welch’s

Dreamer to Achiever Challenge

Dear Overwhelm to Ohm Participants,

In my Dreamer to Achiever Challenge I worked with teens and young adults to help them discover their dreams and learn how to make them come true! As entrepreneurs, at least one of your dreams is connected  to your business. I have adapted some of my challenge materials to help you reconnect to yourself, what makes your heart sing, and your mission. I hope you enjoy this journey!

Best wishes for dreaming and achieving,

Ann R. Welch, M.Ed.



  • Day 1: Who Am I?
  • Day 2: Likes, Dislikes, and What Makes Your Heart Sing
  • Day 3: What Are Your Values?
  • Day 4: Mission Alignment
  • Day 5: What’s Your Why?

Challenge Objectives

  • Increase self-awareness to foster resilience and make deeper connections to your business.
  • Create or evaluate your mission statement.
  • Answer the question: “What’s your why?” and consider how to leverage it for decision making, motivation, and growth.
  • Develop motivation and momentum to dream and achieve more! 


Enjoy! If you have any questions, please email me at awelch@mypepllc.com.

Here is a little TLC before you begin the challenge.

Day 1 (A video from my work with teens. There’s a great story about knowing yourself).

Day 2

Here is another video from my challenge for teens. In this video, I discuss today’s assignments as well as share a bit about my Dreamer to Achiever Process. In addition, you will learn about challenges, mindset, and the “four-minute mile”. Enjoy!

Day 5

This is a video I made of a speech I gave for Toastmasters. I hope you enjoy my insight into the importance of knowing your “why” for your business.


  • One-year access to this challenge.
  • Free half-hour consultation to help you achieve your dreams!
  • Download my Dreamer to Achiever Song List!

This is Me!

Ann Welch is a talented, versatile educator and life coach who instructs kids of all ages in developing vital skills for achieving success in life. As an educator, curriculum specialist, and educational leader for more than 30 years, Ann has what it takes to guide students in developing self-motivation, confidence, and a “can-do” attitude.

Through life coaching, consulting, workshops, speaking engagements, and online classes, Ann provides engaging and personalized instruction for developing goal-setting skills and fostering resilience and grit. Having worked with kids and adults, in and out of special education, Ann is adept at teaching the 21st-century skills necessary for ALL kids to pursue their dreams!


Ann Welch, M.Ed. 

Educational Consultant and Life Coach

Personalized Educational Pathways, LLC