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Success is not measured by the goals in your life, but by the life in your goals!

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When adolescents and young adults develop their self-awareness skills, they improve their ability to understand their wants and needs. This increases their ability to evaluate their strength and challenges, enabling adolescents and young adults to effectively set, monitor, and achieve their goals.


Self-esteem is critical for supporting and strengthening motivation and resilience. Self-esteem is developed through an appreciation for ones talents and struggles. Nurturing a growth mindset is a foundation step towards having positive self-esteem.


I am reminded of the Little Engine That Could as a symbol of self-confidence. When adolescents and young adults can take those chances to explore various aspects of adulthood, they move toward greater independence and self-confidence. It is easy to see the roles resilience and a growth mindset have on self-confidence and goal achievement.

How Can I Help?

Welcome! I am glad you are here. I have something I want to share with you, and that’s my passion for helping teens and young adults prepare to conquer the demands of a highly complex and ever-changing world.

I believe that for success in this world, people need: a sense of who they are, a purpose or direction to go in, a plan for getting there, a way to evaluate their plan, and the skills necessary to edit and revise their plan if needed.

Teenagers and young adults are just coming into their own. They are uncovering and discovering who they are and what they want out of life. Many times, they lack basic skills to help them on their way. Skills such as self-awareness, goal-setting and evaluating, self-advocacy, avoiding thinking traps, nourishing a growth- mindset, effective communication, time-management

When these skills are missing, it can result in struggles at home or school, inability to find a job or keep a job, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, constantly being late or missing deadlines…

Through my personalized approach, I help teens and young adults:

  • Develop self-awareness to clearly understand their strengths and challenges.
  • Learn how to set goals and monitor their progress.
  • Create plans for overcoming obstacles.
  • Evaluate and reflect on their work toward achieving goals, editing and changing strategies as necessary.
  • Celebrate success!

Ann Welch, M.Ed.

Owner/Educational Consultant Personalized Educational Pathways, LLC

You are invited to join my private Facebook group, Teen Adulting where I am providing a place where parents, caregivers, and educators can collaborate to share resources to support teens and young adults in their transition into adulthood. I hope you will join this group and share your experiences, questions, and concerns.

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